Review Bluehost Web Hosting Service

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Review Bluehost Web Hosting Service

For any business to become a success today, it needs to have a professional website. Although communication can be done through social media sites like Facebook, the company needs to have a hosting service which is top quality.

The web hosting service by the name Bluehost happens to be one of the most suggested ones because of the offered balance of business features, tracking finances, and requiring less manual dealing. There are various options available to the experienced administrators for the management of this web hosting service.

Shared Web Hosting

The Bluehost web hosting service does not require monthly packages which have to be updated after every 30-days. Instead, annual packages are available at affordable prices. You can also signup for two or three years, and benefit from the offered discounts. The parent company of Bluehost and Host Monster is the same, and therefore some of their features are similar to each other.

The annual package allows for the transfer of free domain name, unlimited data transfer, 100GB storage, and it can also host a website. The additional package can also add the unlimited email feature, websites, and unlimited storage with an antispam tool.

Virtual Private Servers

The offer of having a virtual private server by Bluehost is worth considering because it can handle high power, specified requirements compliance, and high traffic on websites. The Linux-based four tires are offered which have virtual private servers as well as hosting on a standard form with a total of 30GB storage, 1TB monthly data transfers, and 2GB memory.

The ultimate package has the attractions of 240GB storage capacity, a memory of 8GB, and data transfer of 4TB per month.

Dedicated Servers

BlueHost offers the configurations of dedicated servers which can be used with the operating system of Linux which has the hard drive capacity of 1TB, monthly data transfer of 15TB, and RAM of 16GB.

WordPress Hosting

The packages of Bluehost with the four Linux servers are worth considering for a website running on WordPress. There are different packages for Blogger, Professional, Business, and even Enterprise contracts available at affordable prices according to your needs. Furthermore, Bluehost provides you with specific WordPress security as well as protects the entire procedure of installation by providing automatic backups of data.

The content management system is preinstalled, and just with the WordPress login, you can manage posts, galleries, pages, and more similarly to other WordPress-hosted sites.

Site Creation

You can easily build sites, manage email, filter spam, manage domains, and gather the statistics of the site with the assistance of Bluehost and the tools provided by it. Your website can easily be built with the content in WordPress, and the files can be uploaded and managed as through with the Web Builder.

Security Features
The three antispam tools offered by Bluehost make them efficient in protecting against spam. These tools are Spam Hammer, Apache Spam Assassin, and Spam Expert which secure your files and have an IP address for the protection of passwords, directories, and accounts.


  • A wide range of options for web hosting.
  • Good uptime testing.
  • Easy to use for interface.
  • Site building software .


  • No window based server.
  • Lack of monthly shared hosting packages.
  • The add-ons need to be installed.



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