Inbound vs. Outbound marketing; what’s the difference?

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For every business, it’s imperative to spread awareness about your company, its products and the services that you’re offering. Therefore it is essential for you to have a good marketing campaign so that you can spread the required word easily.

Your marketing technique needs to be on point, as your company’s success depends entirely on your marketing campaign and your marketing techniques.

You should know that there are different marketing techniques you can opt for; the most popular marketing strategies are the inbound and outbound marketing techniques.

Now, if you’re wondering about inbound vs. outbound (which one would be a better option for you to opt for), here are some differences about the two which will help you make a decision.

Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing which to opt for:

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is a marketing strategy which allows businesses to advertise their products and services by providing information to as many people as possible, even though they might not be active buyers.

For such type of marketing, the best way for companies to reach out to the audience is through

  • TV
  • Print Ads
  • Pay Per Click ads
  • Billboards
  • Radio
  • Direct emails, etc.

Outbound marketing is a more traditional way of marketing as compared to inbound marketing.

This type of marketing can be quite useful, that is if you’re using it at the right time. A lot of people do find outbound marketing quite interruptive especially if they have no interest in buying the products you’re offering.

Also, if you are a small business, then outbound marketing could cost you a lot! You’ll be paying for advertising your products without having any surety that you’ll receive any sort of result.

However, this type of marketing strategy is perfect for large businesses as they can afford the technique. This technique will help in spreading awareness about their products and services to a greater audience.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing, compared to outbound marketing is a more affordable marketing strategy. A lot of small businesses make use of it to grow. The idea behind inbound marketing is to target a specific audience which is in search of products and services similar to yours.

What you’re going to do is provide your audience with some useful content that will gain their attention. Once you’ve gained their attention, they’d then want to find out more about your services and products which can result in them buying your products.

So, you’ll be giving them something to encourage them to buy something from your business.

This is considered to be quite an effective strategy as you’re able to target a specific group of people who are actually interested in the products you’re selling.

This way and you don’t have to advertise your services to every person you come across.

There are different ways you can conduct this market strategy online, some of them include:

  1. Creating different content:

Use different social platforms to post articles and videos related to your products. Do not advertise your business; instead, provide useful information to customers that would make them want to use your products.

You can even create SEO content to entice customers and pop up in related search results.

  1. Offer different incentives:

Provide your followers with incentives for following you. You can give them special deals, discounts, etc. You can also create a landing page that is linked to your social network pages, where people can sign up for your newsletter and other content.

  1. Communicate with your consumers:

You can make use of your online presence to interact will your followers and can ask them for feedback regarding your products and services. Show your customers how their feedback means a lot to you and your business.

Inbound vs Outbound marketing, which is better?

This can be extremely difficult to decide since both techniques are quite effective in their own right. It depends on what type of business you own and what resources does your company have.

While inbound marketing will help a lot of businesses, large and small both, however, you shouldn’t forget that outbound marketing will allow you to reach out to a wider audience, a range that has a lot of benefits.

For any flourishing business, it would be a wise choice to use both inbound and outbound marketing techniques, to a comfortable extent, to gain as many consumers as possible.

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