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Want to Know about the Best BB Creams for All Types of Skin? Here They Are!


BB creams, short for beauty or blemish balm creams, are cosmetic items for your skin which act as tinted moisturizers, skin hydrating agents and skin tone enhancers. They also help in reducing wrinkles and acne scars. They originated in Germany and are mostly popular in Asia. However, they are also becoming quite popular in western countries as well.

There are many companies currently making BB creams with their own special features. There are a number of BB creams from different brands, having different prices, pros and cons, for different types of skins and skin color. Here we will share with you the different BB creams that are best suited for different types of skins!

1.   For Oily Skin

Many people have an oily skin to such an extent that sometimes the oily contents of skin are clearly visible shining on your face. Oily skin can also be felt by touching the skin and you will find oil on your finger. Such people also suffer from problems like pimples, acne scars, etc.

So, skin treatment becomes necessary for them and they look for oil-free creams. The Estee Lauder Daywear Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Cream SPF 35 is best BB cream for you because it is oil-free and reduces the skin-shine due to oily content.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients of this cream include vitamin E, vitamin C, Eukarion and EGT as antioxidants, hyaluronic acid as moisturizers and octinoxate, octisalate, oxybenzone and titanium dioxide as sunrays protection.


It moisturizes the skin by hyaluronic acid as every skin needs an appropriate amount of moisture. It also avoids many hazards of shine-reducer creams. Instead of reducing oil or shine from skin, which can give an aged look to your skin, it gives a delicate precise glow which gives your skin a fresh look. Being a BB-cream, it also contains antioxidants such as vitamins E and C, and anti-aging components.

2.   For Sensitive Skin

Some people have got quite sensitive skins. Their too sensitive skin creates many problems for them. They feel irritation, redness, and rashes on the skin because of various reasons. For such skins, Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse BB Beauty Balm with SPF 25 is the best BB cream as it makes the sensitive skin look fresh and feel better.


This lightweight cream treats skin’s redness. The high amount of water content makes the skin feel cool throughout the day. The aloe Vera found in this cream treats the redness and relieves the irritation you might be feeling because of having sensitive skin.

3.   For Uneven SKin

For people having uneven skin who want to make their skin look flawless and decrease wrinkles and other aging components, Clinique Age Defense BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is the best BB cream for them to use.


Unlike many BB creams which cover the skin like a tinted moisturizer, this cream acts like a light foundation and makes the skin look more young than normal tinted moisturizers’ formulas.

Key Ingredients

Its ingredients include caffeine, vitamin E and extracts from seaweed to reduce oil production in skin and reduce wrinkle lines. Decrease in oil content of skin also keeps the makeup intact for longer period of time.

4.   For Dry Skin

People with dry skin mostly suffer in winter. Their skin ruptures and they face many problems. In extreme cases, blood starts to seep out from ruptured skin. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin provide a lot of moisture and any dermatologist can confirm it. So, a BB cream containing moisturizing agents like these two is best for dry skin. Both of these moisturizers are a part of Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream SPF 15.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients of this cream include hyaluronic acid and glycerin as moisturizers, vitamin c as antioxidant and octinoxate as sunscreen.


This BB cream plays the same role for skin as an energy drink for an athlete after an intense game. It treats small imperfections found on the skin, dryness and makes your skin feel very smooth. The vitamin C present in it increases the skin brightness.

5.   For Dull Skin

Most of the BB creams increase moisture content of skin which in turn increases the skin’s glow. But the Dr. Brandt Signature Flexitone BB Cream contains light-reflecting pearl powder as an ingredient which makes your skin appear brighter.

Other key ingredients include avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene and oxybenzone as sunscreens, butylene glycol dicaprylate and glycerin as moisturizers and hydrolyzed pearl as a light diffuser. The color shade of this BB cream mixes with almost every skin tone which is a plus point because most of the BB creams are available in only light, medium and dark color shades.

6.   For Mature Skin

Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm contains anti-aging agents which decrease the wrinkles and lines depth up to 84%.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients include cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, rice bran extract and apple fruit extract as moisturizers, palmitoyl tripeptide-37, pea extract and bamboo leaf/stem extract for firm skin. The cream contains peptides which help in reducing lines and wrinkles.

7.   For Uneven Skin TOne

Many people have uneven skin tones, meaning that there are spots or scars on their skin where the skin color is faded. This gives a very bad look to the skin and the solution to this problem lies in Dr. Jart Premium Blemish Base with SPF 45.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as sunscreens, cyclopentasiloxane and glycerin as moisturizers, arbutin as skin brightener and adenosine as skin firmer.


This cream makes your skin bright, firm and neutralizes the skin tone to make it look more even. But still you have to use concealer for very dark spots on skin or black circles under the eye.

8.   For Natural Finish

Everyone wants his/her skin to look natural, fresh, young, smooth and flawless. If you want this too then don’t experiment with a large number of cosmetic products instead use Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm which is a perfect treatment to get young and fresh looking skin.

Key Ingredients

Its key ingredients include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as protection from sunrays, panax ginseng root extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract and camellia oleifera leaf extract as antioxidants, anthemis nobilis flower extract as skin soother and vitamins A and E as moisturizers give a nice glow and smooth look and feel to skin. The vitamin A decreases wrinkles, makes skin tone even and uniform whereas chamomile relieves the painful spots on skin.

Unlike many other BB creams, it is available in four shades which can match nearly any complexion.

9.   For Red Spots

Red spots look very ugly on the skin and make a person appear sick. Sometimes these spots are painful and cause irritation. The best treatment for these spots is the L’Oréal Paris Magic BB Anti-Redness. This lightweight cream neutralizes red spots on the face. Once applied, it also matches with the skin tone after mixing it into the skin to make it look even-toned and natural.

10.               The All-in-one

Someone might be facing more than one skin problems at the same time. Such a person needs a BB cream which can help them cure all of their skin problems. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 is a perfect solution for such people.


It is a multi-tasking BB cream that hydrates, moisturizes, reduce imperfections and protects skin. It is perfect for normal to oily skin. It also creates flawless skin upon which foundation can be applied later on. In fact, it is a best friend for your skin.

Key Ingredients

Its key ingredients include octinoxate, octisalate, oxybenxone and titanium dioxide and sunscreens, scutellaria extract as natural skin brightener, agireline as wrinkle reducer, caffeine and sucrose as anti-redness agents, vitamin E and rice brean extract as antioxidants, sodium hyaluronate as moisturizer and silica to control oil contents. It is available in nine different color shades.

11.               Lines and Wrinkle Remover

A person might start to appear older even in their 30’s due to skin damage and not having a good skincare routine. If you’re someone who wants to get rid of wrinkles then the Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 is for you.


It moisturizes the skin, saves it from sunrays, makes skin tone uniform and also acts as anti-aging agent. It contains anti-oxidant bio-peptides and adenosine which enhances skin firmness and skin becomes even smoother when used for long period of time.

In short, BB creams are a perfect solution for a busy working woman. Although, skin treatments can be done with natural things, they require time and effort and are not easy to use. A working woman does not have enough time to prepare a mixture of natural things for skin treatment. That is why it is very handy for them to buy a BB cream best suited to their skin and use regularly. These BB creams have clinically proven safe ingredients so go ahead and start using them to make your skin look flawless.

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